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January 27 2019

Can you say that God has blessed you? God Almighty blessed Jacob and through him, we have received a blessing. What if God wanted to


January 13 2019

What do you think when you read the name Abraham? Today we will seek to overview the life of Abraham and see the many similarities


December 30 2018

We are called by Lord Jesus to worship in "Spirit and truth," but what does that mean? Well, today you will be explained what does


December 23 2018

Ah, Love, that sweet word has described the warming emotion between two people for eons. Romance is described as Love, the soft touch of a


December 16 2018

Merry Christmas! Today we celebrate the Advent of Joy. The Joy found in Jesus Christ is not fleeting rather it is a never-ending, abiding Joy.


December 9 2018

Today marks the second Sunday of Advent and we shall answer the question; what do we need in our lives for peace to be present?


December 2 2018

Happy season of Advent. I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas season. Today marks the first day of Advent, the Sunday

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