Reverend Greg Sparkes

Our Lead Pastor is Rev. Greg Sparkes. His call to ministry happened when he was a young boy during a church service at Calvary Baptist Church in North Sydney N.S. He describes it as; “a moment when the light of God fell upon me and the call to pastoral ministry was impressed upon my heart.”

He is a graduate of Acadia Divinity College (M DIv) and Washington Bible college (B.A.). After some time of secular work he was called to serve at The Little South West Baptist Church in 1997 as the Assistant pastor. While there he had the pleasure of serving with two experienced pastors; Rev. Darel Tozer and Rev. Terry Woodcock. In 1999 he was called to serve as the Senior Pastor of the Geary Baptist Church and continued with them until God called him away in Aug of 2014.

After a brief sabbatical, during which time He assisted a church in Maine through a time of crisis, He sensed a call from the Lord to Highfield. Pastor Sparkes is a compassionate leader with a heart for local church ministry, the body of Christ and the global community. He preaches with passion and integrity and enjoys getting to know people on a personal level. He is married to Rachel and has three lovely children; Miranda, Karissa and Zachary. He has an open door policy and enjoys meeting new folks. If you would like prayer, spiritual advice or simply a chance to meet, please contact pastor Greg by email.