Pastor Dorin Seicaru

Our Multicultural Pastor, Dorin Seicaru, is originally from Romania and came to Moncton, NB, in June 2012. Dorin was not always an “evangelical Christian.” He lived most of his life as a nominal Orthodox Christian without having the slightest idea what being “born again” or “having a personal relationship with Christ” meant. In 1999 after a life spent in pleasures, trying to fill the void in his heart, Dorin heard the Word of God and realized instantly that this was the solution for his empty heart.

Since the moment he became a Christian, Dorin “wrestled” with God over his calling to ministry. After a career, as financial planner and subsequently as a business owner he decided to move to Canada when the last world recession hit Romania in 2010. While here in Canada, Dorin heard the calling to ministry more powerfully than ever. When he made a visit to Acadia Divinity College, he was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit’s voice telling him, this is the place where I want you to be.

He is a graduate of Acadia Divinity College (M.Div.), Crandall University (B.A. in Organizational Management), and Campus Crusade for Christ Bible College. Dorin is married to Carmen and together they have four children, Andrei, Paula, David, and Thomas. He became part of Highfield Baptist Church in July 2017. His greatest desire is to create a multicultural fellowship within Highfield Baptist Church and to be an important player in fostering immigration in the region.